Meet Chloe Turner – Instagram Fisherman

The numbers don’t lie…you guys love the IG Fisherman series that I started last week. You guys clearly got bored with the typical cheerleader types who won’t go fishing with you. Won’t put on their own worms. It was time to mix it up a little bit and that led to IG Fisherman.
Today we check in with Texan Chloe Turner who graduated from A&M. Now, compared to the other IG Fisherman we’ve profiled, Chloe is more on the modeling side of fishing. Her IG isn’t completely covered with fishing photos like some of the IG Fisherman. Chloe has some background in barrel racing, fitness modeling and enjoying the tropics.
That said, according to her bio, she has relations with salt water clothing companies via her fishing prowess. I’m telling you guys, it’s a new world out there. No more cheerleaders, more real women who will fight a cuda.

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