Meet Adriana Hughes – World Traveler

What do I know about Adriana Hughes, the world traveler, who is tearing up IG this year? Not much. These days it doesn’t much matter as long as she’s pumping out the content — world travel — that you guys want to see.
I remember a few years ago when I was in New York for something a few of us from the New York office went over to the Maxim office — I think it was on 5th Ave. — to see what those guys were up to. I don’t remember what sporting event was going on in the world — either the Olympics or the Super Bowl — and Maxim had models come in and compete in a timed course of events through their office. I remember someone nudging me and saying the typical New York woman who would never talk to me competing while we were there was Jen Selter. I had seen a few posts during those days on her, but I didn’t have a legit clue who she was. Then she turns out to go on a butt pic bonanza and turn herself into an IG cash machine. Now she’s at 12.4 million followers and posing for IGs is her job.
That brings me to Adriana who seems to be on that Selter trajectory. You overload the IG with the best shots you can come up with from around the world and build that IG count to a number (currently at 340k) where brands and randoms will pay you big money to influence your followers. Then one day you become boring like Selter and you have a massive following and not much buzz.
So we’ll see from here where Hughes takes things. Does she eventually land a starting pitcher? Does she go the NFL QB or tight end route? Time will tell. I’ll be right here to document it all because I get paid to do this type of thing.

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