EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Chip the Buffalo Speaks About His T-Shirt Cannon Incident

It’s the story of the week — Chip the Buffalo, mascot of the University of Colorado Buffaloes — blasted himself with a t-shirt cannon during Saturday’s blowout win over New Hampshire and the video has gone absolutely nuts. I’ve been contacted by ESPN’s Assignment Desk (didn’t respond to them), some media outlet in the U.K., some other media outlet here in the U.S. Everyone wants to see and know what’s going on with Chip the Buffalo.
Since I’m one of the only independent bloggers left on the Internet, I did my duty and slid into Chip’s DMs to learn more about what happened during that cannon blast.

Here’s the full interview in case the DM screenshots get deleted for some reason down the road:

BC: What happened with the t-shirt cannon? Operator error?

It malfunctioned and is no longer in service. Believe it or not I actually do know which way to point it and how to operate it

BC: Does the cannon normally kickback that way or was that the malfunction?

That was the malfunction, the t shirt never even launched

BC: Did the kickback get you in the Rocky Mountain oysters?

Missed em by a few inches, more of a hip shot

BC: That’s refreshing news. Couple more things — Any apprehension to get behind the t-shirt cannon? Are you shook at this point?

Nope, everything’s fine and I’m looking forward to hosting UCLA next weekend and trying to help the Buffs get to a 4-0 start!

BC: Thanks for chatting Chip. Glad to hear your head is still in the game. Good luck out there.

Just trying to keep my eye on the prize, thank you!

This is the first time I’ve ever interviewed a mascot for a post on BC. I’ve slid into some wild DMs in my time since starting BC almost 11 years ago, but this is a first. I’m just happy to hear that Chip didn’t take that blast to the balls. Think about that kick right in the nuts. No way Chip would’ve gotten up from such a blast. That would’ve put him out of commission for at least 2-4 weeks.
I could’ve gone on with at least another dozen questions for Chip. Do you wear a cup? What did it feel like when the kick hit you? Are you going to sue the cannon manufacture? What has this done for Chip’s one-night stand game? Is this story getting you action?
Thank god Chip is safe and we all got ourselves a viral video on a Wednesday when things are usually slow without football action. It was just the kind of story to take us away from the usual bullshitt that consumes the Internet and causes faux outrage.
Long live Chip.

Colorado Mascot Shoots Himself In The Balls With T-Shirt Cannon, Gets Carted Off
Colorado Mascot Shoots Himself In The Balls With T-Shirt Cannon, Gets Carted Off
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