Colorado Mascot Shoots Himself In The Balls With T-Shirt Cannon, Gets Carted Off

It’s going to end up the story of the week and it’s out of the University of Colorado – Boulder where the mascot, Chip, blasted himself in the nuts over the weekend during a game against New Hampshire. As you can see in the video above, Chip shoots himself with the cannon.
We learned late this afternoon that Chip was carted off the field Saturday. It’s unknown if it’s related to the cannon blast, but let’s go out on a limb and say it’s definitely related. The good news for Chip is that the Buffaloes have the week off before a 9-28 Friday night game against UCLA. Time to get rested up.
Are you a physics nerd? Back in 2011, a student at Wabash College did a physics report on air cannons and the projectile velocity produced by air cannons. I’m sure all the physics experts reading this will enjoy all the equations. I scrolled through looking for how fast the t-shirts are exiting the barrel in miles per hour but the report won’t just give me the mph.
Let’s just say it was fast enough to require a cart for Chip.

Chip sippin’ … not sure if this is the Chip that blasted himself

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