Nina Dobrev GIF of the Century, Dickerson Wants $300k For HOFers & Georgia State's Free Tix Backfires
TNT has two Champions League games on this afternoon. You’ll get one at 12:55 and 3 ET. That’s right, TNT. You’ll also get a bunch of baseball to fake care about or not care about at all and a bunch of college volleyball. I’ll be buying paint at lunch to finish off the basement ceiling. Second coat going on, missed a couple of spots with the first one. Then it’s time to put in the ceiling speakers. Getting close to putting in at least one TV. Very exciting.
Nina Dobrev GIF of the Century…uhhh…what a GIF!
Eric Dickerson wants HOFers to get $300k a year in salary
Brutus Buckeye wants Browns kicking job
Georgia State sends out free ticket code, Georgia Southern fans go nuts getting free tix, GSU not amused
Kash Daniel pushing $10 tickets to Mississippi State-Kentucky game
I’m supposed to be impressed Drake gambled away $200k in Atlantic City?
CNN gets it in on the Trump dong story
Here’s IGer Adriana Hughes

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