Michigan Has Not Run Out Of Things to Spend Its Big Ten Network Money On

Boy, it must be rough being the University of Michigan football team and being so rich that you go out and buy a 25 foot x 14 foot TV for your weight room. Tough life indeed. I know Ohio State fans are going to read this blog and get mad at this Matt Dudek guy for his tweet. Understand that he’s Michigan’s director of recruiting and is paid to troll your ass and make possible recruits feel as if they’ve hit the motherlode as far as the college experience goes.
Don’t get mad at Matt, he’s being paid $145,000 (2017-18) to cheerlead the Wolverines. Don’t get all upset. I’m sure Ohio State has a guy who does the same thing. Just understand that schools are paying those salaries to keep these machines rolling along.
As for the massive TV in the weight room, this is where we’re at with big boy college athletics. Your cable dollars have added up so much that these schools are swimming in cash to keep the machine churning and just sucking you dry. The crazy part about all of this is that it doesn’t matter if Jim Harbaugh has a record that resembles Brady Hoke’s record. Jim makes Michigan a shitt ton of money via cable TV. The advertisers keep pumping in money because they want to be associated with the brand even if the team is 76-54 since Lloyd Carr was kicked out of his job.
You can’t blame Matt or any other guy working for these big schools to go full Ric Flair while working these teams. I’d brag my ass off about the program if you were paying me $145,000 a year with government benefits. I’d brag and finding a ray of shining light in the wake of being 0-3 against Ohio State during the Jim era.

I mean, doesn’t that weight room look nice?

Michigan has run out of things to buy for its football team…I’m telling you, this might end up being a problem…they might have to add an e-sports arena for the football team at some point

I told you guys…money to burn…put in an incline

Northwestern went and added a million-dollar Lake Michigan view to its weight room:

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