Antonio Brown Pulls Up On Ex-Steelers PR Guy Who Wants Some Action

Did you need more proof that the 0-1-1 Steelers are shook right now? Sunday night, Steelers linebacker Bud Dupree melted down and sent off a DM to a Steelers fan who questioned his performance against the Chiefs. Now we have Antonio Brown somehow finding this tweet questioning his performance. Folks, if you didn’t think this Steelers team loved drama before, you should start being a believer because it’s officially happening.
I’m not sure if we’re seeing a meltdown that will cause a shift in the AFC North, but Steelers fans cannot like what’s happening right now.
Antonio Brown has 18 catches for 160 yards and a touchdown through two games, including the mist storm in Cleveland. As for this prediction that Brown wouldn’t put up similar numbers for other teams, I guess it would depend on the quarterback situation. Let’s say Brown was on a team with Nathan Peterman — Brown’s not getting paid. Now let’s say Brown is on the Chargers and has Keenan Allen’s spot — he’s getting paid.

Look, things are piling up right now for the Steelers. The defense is a mess and the organization hasn’t had to deal with this over the years. The offense was always good enough to overcome deficiencies on the defensive side.

Let’s see all the beefs going on right now:

• Bell vs. the offensive line
• Fans vs. Mike Tomlin
• Terry Bradshaw vs. Mike Tomlin
• Bud Dupree vs. a random
• Antonio Brown vs. a random
• Fans vs. flavor of the week — guy they think is the weakest link
Meanwhile, I’m just over here shocked by what’s going on right now in the AFC North. Think about this for a minute — the Browns are a kicker away from being in a 2-0 battle with the Bengals for North supremacy. This is mindboggling and probably means that the Steelers will go on a roll, win like 10 in a row, bury the Bengals, win the North and make the AFC title game.

Folks, it’s just a giant dumpster fire two weeks in…they’ll probably win the Super Bowl…I’ve seen this before

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