Bud Dupree Roasts Steelers Fan Who Wants To Know Where He Was Today Vs. The Chiefs

It appears Steelers linebacker Bud Dupree finally sat down tonight around 9 p.m. ET to check his Twitter mentions because he sent a very nice message to a user named Russ Dickson.

Russ: “Where the f-ck were you all game?”

Bud via DM: “I was at your girl house laid up, wat u gone do”

That must explain why Bud and the Steelers defense gave up six passing TDs to Pat Mahomes (322 yards passing) and 127 yards on the ground in a 42-37 Chiefs victory.

The game reviews weren’t good for Bud…of course we’ll have to look at the tape to see if it’s as bad as the Steelers fans and media are making it out to be:


Bud Dupree. Bust. Artie Burns. Bust.

— Andrew Fillipponi (@ThePoniExpress) September 16, 2018

Bud Dupree has as many penalties as he does tackles

— Tim Benz (@TimBenzPGH) September 16, 2018

Bud Dupree goes off sides again. When does Ola come off IR?

— Ray Fittipaldo (@rayfitt1) September 16, 2018