Meet Olivia Holzmacher – LSU QB Joe Burrow's Girlfriend

Yes, Joe Burrow’s completion percentage is at about 48%. Yes, Joe Burrow isn’t being asked to do too much as the LSU quarterback. Yes, Joe Burrow’s probably not going to single handedly beat Auburn on the road in an environment he’s never experienced. The good news here for the Ohio-product is that LSU’s not expected to win this game. The vibe out of the south is that LSU will get blown out because they won’t be able to score.
Now, you know how these SEC games go. One minute you’re nobody, the next minute you’re AJ McCarron and Katherine Webb is on TV as your girlfriend. Maybe Joe Burrow is that guy. Maybe he goes into Jordan Hare and plays the game of his life and girlfriendĀ Olivia Holzmacher turns into the Katherine Webb. I have zero clue if Holzmacher made the trip from Ohio, but if she did, this could be a breakout game where a couple of Ohioans become the toast of Louisiana. I’ve been to Louisiana a couple times. They’ll name a street after Burrow if he can somehow beat a couple of these SEC West teams and the gauntlet gets going Saturday in Auburn.
Does Joe Burrow and girlfriend Olivia become the First Couple of Louisiana or does Burrow join a growing list of QBs who have failed for the Tigers? Just a little bit on the line today in this one.

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