Weather Channel Guy BUSTED Faking It!

I’d love to see the memos sent out by Weather Channel producers before sending their teams out into the field for hurricane coverage. Is it a crazy hot take to think that the people in the field are encouraged to pretend they’re in the middle of a rager? Look at that video up top and you tell me.
I hadn’t seen weather guys wearing baseball helmets until the Weather Channel’s Paul Goodloe had one on the other day. Nothing gets the viewer freaked out by a weather guy getting CTE from a flying brick in 150 mph winds. Hun, we better watch that weather guy for like 12 hours straight because he’s standin in danger.
It’s all just a bunch of bullshitt. It’s actually the evolution of bullshitt brought to you by TV experts.
But we all just keep eating it up. We keep wanting to see buildings shredded by weather. It’s like watching some MMA match where a guy gets his face caved in. We can’t get enough of it so the Weather Channel just keeps figuring out new ways to show us the fight and keep us watching.
Next week they’ll be back to showing you some dumb reality show at 8 ET.

Look at this…we’re all gunna die!

How long until the Weather Channel sells ad space on their hurricane helmets? I noticed Lands End is the official hurricane jacket provider…they’ve figured out a way to profit off weather!

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