Florida Man Steals Ambulance, Said He Needed A Ride Home

Michael Paul, a Florida Man is in some trouble, but it’s not that much trouble for taking an ambulance after being released from a hospital. Cops allege (remember ALLEGEDLY) Mike walked out of a hospital and hopped in an unoccupied ride left by paramedics who should’ve been much more careful.

Look, maybe Mike was on meds and lost his mind a little bit. You know how this stuff is when you get out of the hospital. They make you take the wheelchair out the front door so you don’t fall over and smash your head on the sidewalk. They’re all careful about people leaving, but the hospital isn’t exactly helping some of these people find their Ubers. Mike got a little loose and ended up in an ambulance. It happens.

From the Daily Mail:

A man in Florida needed a ride home from the hospital so he decided to steal an ambulance. Unfortunately for 25-year-old Michael Paul, he was likely unaware that the medical unit had a GPS tracking device in it in the event it needed to be located.

Paul exited the emergency room at Broward Health North in Deerfield Beach on Sunday. He noticed the red ambulance was unoccupied as paramedics were checking another individual into the emergency room.

Yes, I’m also wondering what’s going on with Mike’s ears. I’ll say this, I hope like hell I never run into Mike on a quiet Miami street because he scares the living daylights out of me. Look at his court appearance. Does that look like a guy who goes home and plants flowers and drinks ice tea? Looks like he drinks blood, but I’m not an expert here. Just a hunch.

NBC Miami reports: “he stole a red ambulance because he needed a car.” Uh, keep it bro. It’s yours. No clue how the cops deal with these weirdos in Florida.