Buy Yourself A Notre Dame Tailgating RV Before The Irish Start Losing

Are you a Notre Dame fan looking to get into the tailgating game while the team is rolling along at 2-0 and the beers are about to start flowing towards a game against Stanford on September 29? Here’s a great opportunity to get into the tailgating game via a $4,000 RV that you can drive off a cliff or leave along the Indiana Turnpike at the end of the season when the wheels eventually fall off the Irish wagon.
The key here is that it has a bathroom. Think of all the drunken Irishmen who will want to party at your place because they can take a leak without a long wait.
From the Craigslist ad:

If you have ever wanted to tailgate we have the one you need. We are selling because we’ve upgraded to a bigger one. This unit has everything you need in it all in working order heat, air , stove & refrigerator. Bathroom with shower. Awning was new last year. Has generator.

I’m going to suggest not trying to drive that thing very far. It’s not my RV and I’m not a big time RV expert, but this thing has clearly seen some drunken nights and we know what happens when RVs with a bunch of miles on them start showing age.
You might want to come in with a $3,250 number and see how desperate the owner is.

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