Bengals Fans Fought Bengals Fans During Halftime Of Ravens Game

According to the YouTube uploader, you’re watching Bengals fans fighting during halftime of Thursday’s game against the Baltimore Ravens, a game the Bengals led 28-14 at half. It happens. These guys were clearly so drunk they had no idea those punches didn’t have much power to them. Beer muscles. Been holding back all their emotions over a long summer break.

Of course you’re going to hear from Eagles fans telling you how they’ll get blamed as the worst fans in football, but that there are worse fans than them. For once they’re right. Eagles fans are incredibly boring these days. They don’t fight. They don’t do much of anything now that they have a Super Bowl victory. It really took the edge of them. As for Cincy, you’re looking at fans who assume Andy Dalton is going to disappoint them so they get blackout drunk and swing at anyone walking.

Have to say, NFL fans are off to a fast start in 2018 and the Raiders haven’t even gotten to a rival with actual fans. The Rams don’t count.

Monday night Lions fans fought each other: