Sean McVay's Girlfriend Has Made Her IG Public Again In Case You Wanted To Start Following

What a time to be alive for Sean McVay. God blessed him with great looks (not gay, just appreciating a guy with great hair and jaw), a great memory, a great running back that doesn’t have all the wear & tear of Le’Veon Bell, a nice tan and an insanely hot girlfriend, Veronika, that has been well documented on here.
It’s almost laughable how great Sean has it. Add in the fact that the guy doesn’t turn 33 until January — his metabolism won’t crash, you just know it — and he has the best defense in football (sorry Minnesota) and it’s official that nobody has it better than McVay.
The guy took over a quarterback who looked lost two seasons ago and now Jared Goff looks capable of becoming the next Tom Brady — woah, woah, woah…I’m not talking five Super Bowls, I’m talking competent to win a Super Bowl and carry the league once Tommy shuts it down.

Makes you wonder what the big difference is between Jeff Fisher and Sean McVay besides having a Ukrainian dime waiting for you after a long day of coaching a high-powered offense.

Did I mention McVay knows big words? God, if you’re real, just send word that Sean’s going to make Belichick look like Marvin Lewis after Sean wins 10 Super Bowls.

I’m telling you, it’s all over once the women want to sleep with you and men want to be you. The NFL is your oyster at that point. So long Tebow, women and their husbands have a new hero.

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Buy A Wisconsin Tailgating Bus In Time For Badgers Eventual Collapse
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