Jason Peters’ Super Bowl Work Truck, Sara Underwood Risks It All At Grand Canyon & Brittney Palmer On All 4s

I like this headline out of the Las Vegas Review-Journal

Committee explores pros, cons of hosting Super Bowl in Las Vegas

How am I supposed to take that serious? Cons to Vegas hosting the Super Bowl? That’s absolutely hilarious and a way to just make it sound like they’re looking out for the taxpayers and the locals. Make the locals feel like this is for them and won’t be using their money without a reward for them.

From the LVRJ:

The Southern Nevada Sporting Event Committee on Wednesday conducted a philosophical discussion about the pros and cons of attracting events such as the Super Bowl, the NCAA Men’s Final Four basketball championship and the College Football Playoff National Championship.

The 19-member committee appointed by Gov. Brian Sandoval is gathering information about how to develop an organization whose focus would be bringing major events to Las Vegas after the 65,000-seat Las Vegas stadium is completed in 2020.

Of course a Super Bowl is coming to Vegas. I’ve been saying it over and over again. The NFL rewards cities that build stadiums with Super Bowls and by 2021 we’ll be ready for the Super Bowl in the gambling capital of the world. You’ll be gambling on your phones more than talking to your family. It’s evolution.

Numbers from :

Texas A&M has surpassed Texas as America's most valuable college football program. 💰 pic.twitter.com/3wF4FIQGdP

— ESPN CollegeFootball (@ESPNCFB) September 12, 2018

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