This Woman (Allegedly) Spit On Minnesota Cops At A Buffalo Wild Wings

I need to see more from this story out of Minnesota where a woman pulled a BB gun at a Buffalo Wild Wings Sunday night at around 8:30 ET. I need to know if that’s a Green Bay Packers shirt. I need to know if this woman got loaded before Sunday Night Football or if this is a true suicidal situation.

Police say Jennifer Joan Thomas went off the rails and was freaking out a bunch of Bdubs employees and patrons during her wild incident that resulted in a closed right eye. Cops say that happened when her face “hit the side of a bed.” Uh, I’m not sure what that means. Maybe the bed was at the jail & she took a spill after spitting on the cops.

From Brainerd Dispatch:

On Sunday night, Sept. 9, Moorhead police were sent to Buffalo Wild Wings for a report of a woman armed with a handgun and making suicidal comments, later pulling out a gun before putting it back in her waistband, court documents said.

While arresting Thomas, she spit in the faces of officers, court documents said. As an officer restrained Thomas, her head hit the side of a bed resulting in the injury to her eye, Jacobson said.

Or is that a North Dakota State shirt? Might have to call the police department and get the full report because I’m sure the local news left out the details I really care about.