Meet Burke From Lynchburg College Equestrian Team

I’m not sure how I ended up learning about Burke from Lynchburg College on IG. Maybe it was because Kentucky stud linebacker Kash Daniel follows her and she popped up on Discover. Kash Daniel is one of the biggest influencers out there at this point so I trust whatever pops up thanks to this guy. Turns out that Burke is perfect for Busted.
What do we know about Burke? “burg equestrian” is in her IG bio so I assume she’s on the equestrian team at the school. A quick search for the Lynchburg equestrian team shows that she indeed is on the team and listed as a 5’7 sophomore. Not sure why height is important in the equestrian game. Maybe one of you out there is an expert in this sport and can let me know.
I’ve covered just about all the sports here on BC over the years but equestrian isn’t one of those. I went on the Lynchburg site and tried to figure out the school’s record this season. Turns out the season doesn’t even start until October. There is a scrimmage coming up on September 21 against SMU. That brings me to the transportation of the horses. Are they trucked from Dallas to Virginia? Or vice versa? Seems like a crazy distance for these horses to travel for a college meet. Guess they just love the competition.
Anyway, keep an eye out for Burke during the upcoming equestrian season.
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