Selena Gomez….Is Changing, Kentucky Student’s Car Gets Flipped After Win & MotoGP Guy Vs. Seagull

Ahhh, a night to relax. I might sit on the patio and sip a lime water. The rest of you will get baseball and a USMNT exhibition game against Mexico. It’s one of those nights to get things worked out before another week of football kicks in Thursday night.

Hmm, something is going on with Selena Gomez

Kentucky students flip kid’s car after beating Florida…mom is PISSSSED

Derek Carr with an interception worse than a bad Stafford INT

MotoGP guy headbutts a seagull, it explodes

Kentucky fans wearing incredible shirts after finally beating Florida

Florida Man disc golfer gets lit TF up by alligator

This is the only weatherman I’ll be watching during Hurricane Florence

Here’s Erza…Nick Vannett’s girlfriend

Matt Patricia Might Be In Over His Head Video of the Week

Matt Patricia “I give up”

It’s only been one game Matt, give it a minute.

— Savage Boston Sports 🇺🇸🍀 (@SavageBoston) September 11, 2018

Ice Cream of the Day

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