Mississippi State Fan, His Buddy Bubba & 5-Year-Old Son Land 12-Foot, 600-Pound Gator

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I’ve been thinking quite a bit lately about how it’s becoming rare where I live in Ohio to hear of guys named Bubba. Each town where I grew up had a Bubba, sometimes one per grade. My brother’s class had a Bubba (RIP), I played sports against a Bubba and my dad knew guys named Bubba. Now…it’s just rare. Kinda wonder what happened.
Anyway, a Mississippi fan, his five-year-old son & the Bulldogs fan’s buddy Bubba went alligator hunting the other night near Columbus, MS which is about 60 miles west of Tuscaloosa. What the good ol boys ran into that night was what they originally thought was a log in the water. It turned out to be a 12-foot, 600-pound beast of an alligator that wasn’t down to be dragged to its death.
However, Mississippi State fan Ben & Bubba were in for the fight. Ben’s son was along learning the ropes on how to take down a beast that wants to kill you. For these three men, it just means more. A 12-footer isn’t getting away. You don’t get on the local news for the big ones that got away. Ben & Bubba went to work.

“We turned the boat around and we went back and he spotted it with a spotlight,” Smith recalled. “We got back close enough to it to throw hooks at it, and of course we both missed it the first go around and it went under. We waited, and waited, and waited and it come back up. We got to throw at it again and hooked it the second go around and the fight was on.”
“He went to the bottom and we commenced to throw our throw-lines out, and try to get him up off of the bottom, get him caught so we can get him tagged,” said Bubba McCandless, who also helped catch the big gator.

You know who I’m going to trust while gator hunting? A guy named Bubba. I’d trust my life with the guy. I’d also trust my kid’s lives with the guy. Of course they landed that big asss gator. This clearly isn’t Bubba’s first rodeo. I went and took a look at that guy’s Facebook page. He’s seen a couple bodies of water over his time.
Ben Smith’s no slouch either. Take a look at his pics below. Boring name, not so boring outdoors lifestyle. This guy hunts.

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