New York Dancers Offer To Help Sam Darnold Get Over Rookie Jitters

Sam Darnold’s first pass tonight as the New York Jets quarterback was intercepted and returned for a touchdown to give the Lions a 7-0 lead. It definitely seemed like he had a case of the rookie jitters. Big spotlight. Monday Night Football. Road game in Detroit. Noise.
But Darnold has settled in and seems to be just fine against a less than scary Lions defense that usually makes quarterbacks feel real comfortable. However, if Sam gets home after tonight’s game and feels like he needs to release some stress, the girls at Rick’s Cabaret have made the 21-year-old Californian an offer.
From the Rick’s Cabaret media team:

Rick’s Cabaret New York Girl Nikki wants to help kickoff the NFL season and has a message for Jets QB Sam Darnold.
“Some Rick’s Cabaret NYC girls posed for football photos to help kickoff the new NFL season. I’m wearing the NY Jets Sam Darnold #14 jersey. The entire Jets future is on his shoulders—I mean arm! Let’s see what he can accomplish in his first year. We are hoping for the best. The girls and I are ready to offer him any encouragement he may need! Tell him to come visit us. We can help him get over his rookie jitters. I promise.”

The three-story Rick’s Cabaret New York (50 West 33rd Street), located between Fifth Avenue and Broadway, has earned a number of awards reflecting the finest in entertainment and warm hospitality. The Rick’s Steakhouse on the second floor, which is under the direction of acclaimed Chef Jason Margulies offers late night dining.

What an incredible offer from the ladies. You have to think that Sam is a little shy, not sure how this whole cabaret lifestyle works, but that’s what’s so great about the Rick’s girls. They’re more than willing to show patience with a newbie. Maybe get a drink, talk football, college and then maybe enjoy some dancing.
I’m not talking too much craziness here for Sam. These ladies have seen these football players come and go. They’ll help him out.

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