23 NSFWBDs React To Aaron Rodgers Coming From Behind

I fell asleep after the Packers made it 20-10 on an Aaron Rodgers to Geronimo Allison 39-yard TD pass because I remember the unique name and then I crashed after a long day of watching TV. Sorry, my asss can’t sit and watch a screen of some sort for more than 14-15 hours a day. I’m getting old. I figured the Packers would find a way to win since this is the NFL and that’s how the NFL works. You need to see the last hour of the game to tell you the whole story.

Of course I woke up this morning, saw the Packers won and figured there was only one group of analysts to check in with for real talk on what went down in the fourth quarter where hobbled Aaron Rodgers had himself a comeback game Cris Collinsworth will be slobbering over for years to come. Of course I checked in with the NSFWBDs because they’re the most honest group of analysts out there. Real talk express.

As a Packers owner, I need Aaron Rodgers knee to heal super fast because the big bad Vikings are coming to town and they know exactly where to hit that knee to knock out the GOAT. How about that 1 ET game next Sunday. Wish I was headed to Green Bay to see that one. Should be a fantastic scene. Remember…Uber & Lyft surcharges after games at Lambeau are insane. Just figure on staying at one of the bars until like 8 ET.

Until then, let’s hear from the BDs.

ICYMI: The Packers were down 20-0 … then Aaron Rodgers brought them back. 🔥

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— SportsCenter (@SportsCenter) September 10, 2018