Tom Brady Has A Big Problem In His House (Or Does He?)

Tom Brady is 41, has a kid that’s 10 or 11 and a problem in his house where his son isn’t even taking dad in fantasy football. Tommy touched on the subject of his son, Jack, not taking him during an interview with Dan Patrick that aired before the Super Bowl. Now comes word that his son is at it again.
According to The Athletic Boston’s Jeff Howe, his son chose Matt Ryan as his fantasy QB heading into the 2018 season. This isn’t the worst decision the kid could’ve made in life. It’s actually a strong strategy because it shows dad that he’s not some little idiot who knows dad is worth a billion and is just going to take dad to make him feel good about life and being the greatest of all time.
This is actually a great sign for Tommy Brady’s parenting skills. He has parented his kid to be independent. This should signal that the little offspring won’t be totally mooching off the trust fund and might actually go out and find a career. The kid is already out there thinking his way through a fantasy draft and if that means picking up a trio of running backs and letting one of his little friends grab dad, then that’s what has to happen. That’s encouraging since we’re living in times where a kid starts sniffing around the family finances, figures out that mom & dad are loaded beyond belief and then they start slinging drugs for the excitement. Seen it a million times in the rich communities. Son takes dad in the fantasy draft to keep the good vibes flowing and the ATM filled.
One minute the kid is playing video games in his parents 6,600 sq. ft. house, the next minute the kid is slinging weed at high school for the rush. He figures it’s just weed and he’ll never get jail time if he’s caught. Then he might move on to dealing coke in college. He’ll do just enough not to get kicked out of school and then go home during the summer and throw ragers for three months while mom & dad are at the beach house. Or the kid will take over the beach house and mom and dad will go off to their mountain retreat.
Have to say, Tom Brady is in a good spot here. Wouldn’t be shocked to see Tom’s son go off and be an some genius internal medical doctor who solves our cancer crisis.

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