Ohio Parents Are Triggered Over These Homework Assignment Questions

That didn’t take long. Ohio parents are already outraged over an online homework assignment where their kids are asked morality questions and just have to give a simple thumbs up or down…and multiple thumbs down for different levels of morality. Doesn’t seem too hard to me. Give your reactions, finish the 36 questions and move on to playing video games.
But no, Ohio Parents had to get all triggered over a couple of the morality questions, including one that asks “Using both a condom and the pill, a brother and a sister decide that they want to sleep with each other – just once to see what it would be like.” Then the student is supposed to give a morality answer. SIMPLE. MULTIPLE THUMBS DOWN.
Now we have a full blown media story and it’s going to go viral. Thanks, parents.
From ABC 6:

A Hilliard Bradley teacher was placed on administrative leave following a classroom activity that angered parents and the community.
Thursday, the school district said they were made aware of a classroom activity “that should never have taken place.”

Following legal consultation, the district made the decision to place the teacher on leave as an internal investigation takes place. 

“On behalf of the District we would like to apologize to the students and families involved in this situation,” following the district in a release.

You can actually go take this moral test HERE. The dog moral question is in there. They’re high school kids. They can deal with these morals questions. What’s the big deal?

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