Introducing Alexa Greenfield – The Woman Who Dips Chicken Into Coke

Alexa Greenfield, who is now best known as the woman who dipped her chicken fingers into a Coke at the U.S. Open, has her Instagram Story littered with media coverage of her savage act. From Internet coverage to TV coverage, Greenfield is confirming that it’s her in the ESPN video dunking that battered chicken finger into her drink.
It was just the kind of viral moment that gives New York media a chance to turn a 3-second clip into hours of coverage. The usual suspects — New York morning shows — figured out in time to have her on this morning to drive some ratings.
Now for the good news for you guys: she appears to be single and ready to let you slide into the DMs and tell her where you’ll go get chicken and a Coke. Get to it, boys.

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