Meet Kasey From JMU

On Wednesday I blogged about how people are always telling me how hard the students go at ECU. We met new Instagram Superstar Kylie, a student who clearly doesn’t miss many tailgates. Now it’s time to check in with another school that I always here goes hard — James Madison University.
You guys swear by¬†Harrisonburg, Virginia and JMU. I’ve heard it time and time again. Ragers. No better party school. Look, I get it, the parties are out of control, but I need game of the year scenarios to go with that partying. I get that JMU is a FCS powerhouse. I understand they played in the 2017 FCS national title game. Guys, I need the big boy schools. I’m sorry. It’s just how I roll. I can’t be dropping $1k for a Virginia trip and then not have some career resume material.
Anyway, let’s meet Kasey, a JMU student who goes by Figgy Smalls. She’s Tri-Delt. Seems to like pools. Seems to be living one helluva college life and will leave school with a massive IG following that can turn into a moneymaker to where she won’t have to struggle too much before that first post-college job turns up.
Would I consider JMU if you gave me a college do-over? Won’t lie, the place looks fun for 4-5 years.
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Meet ECU Kylie – College Instagram Superstar
Meet ECU Kylie – College Instagram Superstar
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