How to Choose the Perfect Online Casino

Long gone are those days when signing up for an online casino meant between choosing between a handful of barely reputable establishments. Today, there are more online casinos than you can shake a stick at, each making a claim to be the biggest, the best, the most fun and the fairest.
So, in a world where new online casinos pop up on a seemingly day-to-day basis, how exactly are you meant to sort the delicious, delicious wheat from the chaff?
Why, you read this guide, of course! We’re going to break down exactly what makes a good online casino and, hopefully, save you plenty of time and $ in the future. Let’s start with…

The types of online casinos

When it comes to online casinos, you can generally split them into three categories (although some do cross over), they are:

  • Download-only casinos – These casinos are increasingly less common than they used to be, but they’re still a firm part of the industry. To use a download-only casino, you’ll need to download the casino’s software first. This is significantly different to…
  • Web-based casinos – Thanks to the advances in modern web safety and in web-based hardware acceleration, many formally download-only casinos now operate entirely out of a web browser, enabling you to play at any time, anywhere, on your laptop, tablet, PC or phone.
  • Mobile casinos – Mobile casinos were born in the age of the App Store and offer you the ability to play casino games inside a dedicated application, from anywhere.

There are many web-based casinos which offer an app, but it’s worth deciding which is most important to you. Do you like the instant access of an app on your home screen? What about the ability to play anywhere via a browser? Perhaps you like having a proper application on your PC? The choice is yours.

The sign-up bonuses

Remember how we said there’s plenty of competition amongst online casino operators? Well, we weren’t lying. In fact, competition is so steep, many casinos are willing to pay you for signing up.
So-called sign-on bonuses have changed the game and so when you compare online slots and casinos, always check the sign-up bonuses. Some casinos offer up to $1000 for free, alongside hundreds of free spins on the slots as part of the benefit.
With many casinos operating the same games, sign-on bonuses are a great way to decide which casino to sign up with. 

The games on offer

These days, the types of game offered by online casinos tend to be very similar. You’ll see a blend of themed slot games, classic casino games and the likes of bingo.
Whilst specialist online casinos were a thing in the past, the fact that any casino can launch a new game with very little overhead has meant that all online casinos now offer similar basic games to each other.
Nevertheless, not every casino carries every variant of casino game. Do you prefer European roulette to American roulette? How about 3-card poker over Texas hold’em? Finding a casino which has your favourite game is crucial, so take the time to research.

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