Three of the Most Lucrative Bonuses Offered to Sports Stars


Sports stars are a well-paid bunch. Playing for a professional team is a privilege and an honor but many of the biggest stars from the last couple of decades were also financially rewarded for their endeavours. Contracts are drawn up and incentives are offered which frequently gives players a chance to negotiate significantly better deals. Some franchises are so desperate to land their target that occasionally they will offer a bafflingly generous bonus of which any player will find it tough to reject. We look at three clubs who have handed out significant rewards.

The Baltimore Ravens

Elvis Dumervil has had his fair share of clubs but back in 2013, he signed for the Baltimore Ravens. His contract would see him earn $5.2 million per game although one particularly lucrative game saw him boost his income significantly in a single afternoon. Following a wonderful performance against the Saints in 2014, his two sacks triggered a pre-agreed contract escalation bonus which earnt him $1,000,000 instantly and a further $3,000,000 over the following couple of seasons. When putting pen to paper, the Ravens’ hierarchy assumed it would be a safe bet to include a hefty bonus if he recorded over 12 sacks in a single season. They weren’t expecting it to be triggered and paid the price for taking the gamble. He was subsequently released in March 2017.

The LA Clippers

In every walk of life, bonuses and incentives are incredibly difficult to resist: while ordinary civilians get opportunities like the free spins and incentives that can be had from this .net site, professional sports stars perhaps get a little more. Either way, you’re unlikely to turn down a seemingly attractive offer. That’s exactly what happened with two-time NBA all-star Baron Davis, who couldn’t believe his luck when signing for the LA Clippers in 2009. Of course, as any good casino-playing civilian knows, offers you don’t have to trigger are the safest bets and Baron Davis was unfortunately unable to receive his bonus after falling agonisingly short of his target. Davis was tasked with guiding the misfiring Clippers to 30 victories but they could only manage 29 during his time on the court thus missing out on his $1,000,000 bonus.

The Blue Jays

This wasn’t a financially-weighted deal but A.J Burnett agreed a contract which suited his personal circumstances. It was lucrative to the starting pitcher, who secured the agreement that his entire family would travel in a limousine eight times a year to come and see him, at the Blue Jays’ expense. His relatives travelled in style from Maryland to Canada and were able to live the life of luxury on club expenses. The Blue Jays were so keen to secure his services that they offered him a five-year deal worth $55 million and agreed to his family’s travel demands. It was a big-spending off-season for the Blue Jays who were desperate to get off to a fast start. Making their new signings feel at home was all part of the plan.
There have been a great number of bizarre and unrealistic bonuses offered to sportsmen and with greater player power these days, more lucrative contracts are likely to be drawn up in the near future.

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