Peyton Manning Getting A Bike Ride In This Morning
How is retired Peyton Manning getting ready for the start of the NFL season? He’s getting a bike ride in this morning, according to our tipster @WynHere who lives down the street from Pey. It’s good to see a retiree get a little cardio in before assuming the position on the sectional for 17 weeks of regular season football and all those Vols games he has to watch on Saturdays.
I’d love to know Peyton’s daily routine. I picture him getting the kids off to school. Maybe cook up a couple of waffles. Pet the dog. Make sure the kids have butter and syrup. Fill the dog’s water dish. Go out and get the paper. Wave to neighbors. Make sure the sprinklers turned on. Then get a bike ride in. Maybe do some stretching with rubber bands. Couple crunches to make sure he’s ready for his next assignment as a corporate speaker.
Also need to address it’s good to see Pey Pey using proper bike protocol by protecting his head with that helmet.

This is supposedly where Peyton lives unless he’s recently moved. Seems like a nice place. Probably need to text family members to keep track of them in this 16,000 sq. ft. pad.

via Redfin
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