Want To Buy A 225-Pound Pontiac Silverdome Highway Sign?


The Pontiac Silverdome is nearly done giving us things to buy after a several year run of items being auctioned off by a variety of outlets trying to squeeze one more dollar out of the dome that closed for good in 2013 after a brutal winter storm that caved in the roof.
By June 2014 the seats and contents were being auctioned off. I purchased a seat and a press box sign that I have somewhere in the basement just waiting for the perfect time and spot to be displayed. I might have to work on the garage this winter and get that thing hung. I’m not sure it’s nice enough to get a spot on the new basement finish job that’s nearly complete.
What I won’t be buying is one of the Pontiac Silverdome highway signs that M-DOT will be auctioning off starting September 10 on its surplus website. We’re talking about signs that are 7 feet by 14 feet wide. That’s a 225-pound sign that you’ll need a trailer to transport. I’m out dawg. Where do you even put that thing? On the side of a barn to weather and then recycle down the road? I guess you might get some sports bar that wants it for some massive wall space. Conversation piece?

The day I went up to Pontiac to get my sign and seat was just a normal, rip-out-seats, deconstruction type day for the workers. I asked the lady at the sales trailer if I could take a look around and she pretty much said just don’t get killed so our insurance doesn’t freak out. I was able to go in and take one last look at the place where I was lucky enough to see Barry Sanders destroy the Browns in 1995 in what would be the final season for Cleveland until the franchise was revived in 1999.
Barry had 157 on 18 carries and three touchdowns that day. It was glorious. That was a casual 1,500 yard season for Barry.
Anyway, I was able to see the place one last time and take an artsy photo of a wheelchair.


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