AP Voter Has Ohio State 25th In Poll After Being 5th On His Preseason Ballot


For some reason Jonny Miller of WBZ NewsRadio 1030 is voting in the AP college football poll and he ranked Ohio State 25th in his week two poll after having the Buckeyes fifth on his preseason ballot. Hmm, wonder what changed since then? Could Jonny be playing judge and jury against football players who had nothing to do with the Urban Meyer situation? That’s nice of Jonny. Take it out on the unpaid labor that makes hundreds of millions for the schools and then makes hundreds of millions for the media outlets who need the content they provide.
That’s right, Jonny is using his AP ballot to…send a message. He moved Texas A&M right into the top 25 — a spot in front of Ohio State — after that impressive 59-7 win over Northwestern State.
It’s nothing new for AP voters to be jerkoffs. We’ve been showing you guys how these jerkoffs operate for years. Walk into a media room at a major sporting event. It’ll make you want to go drink beers with your neighborhood guys after like five minutes.
Word on the street is that Jonny is one of the legends. He’s had a 40+ year run covering the Red Sox. That said, I can’t seem to find much college football coverage from Jonny. Maybe one of you in Boston can send me a link or two from Jonny’s college football work.
From College Poll Tracker’s bio on MillerAs a student at Boston University in 1972, Miller began working part-time for a radio station covering the Red Sox. He’s been around the team ever since, as a reporter with WBZ radio. He attends almost all of the Red Sox games and provides audio for radio and television broadcasts.

More from Jonny:

• He has TCU ranked 10th this week after having the Horned Frogs ranked 20th in his preseason poll; TCU beat powerhouse Southern 55-7 over the weekend.

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