Mark Schlereth Stops By To Talk About The Best Homegating Products

There’s no better former NFL guy to talk with this time of year to hear what is the latest in greatest in homegating. Mark Schlereth is legitimately the lead authority on what you’re going to need to be a real man this football season. Mark’s the kind of guy who drains a beer or two, eats like you and crushes the gym to make sure he can drain more of those beers on gameday. Our guy Paul sat down with Stink (via phone) to hear what he has up his sleeve as we gear up for another great season of being men and watching a sport that makes us feel alive.

Mark Schlereth’s guide to homegating during the football season:

• Get a TV that’s going to make you feel like you’re at the stadium without the hassle of going to the stadium. Dump that old LED you used for the last 4-5 NFL seasons and move up into the world of OLED. You could blow thousands at the stadium going to a few games and worry that your tailgating RV won’t make it home or you can sit there in a controlled climate and watch one of the world’s most beautiful TV screens. Voice commands. Ready to go with Alexa. What more do you need? You make the call.

Mark recommends: LG OLED 77″ 4k TV – BUY NOW!

• You can’t get the great TV and not get yourself a great speaker to go with it. That’s like buying the Rolls without power windows. It’s not happening. You get the LG speaker with Meridian Technology. Sit back, fire up the TV and it’s going to sound better than being at the stadium listening to some drunk ramble on about how great he was during his high school days. By now you know that the TV experience game isn’t complete without the speaker.

Mark recommends: LG PK7 Bluetooth Speaker – BUY NOW!

• Need a wireless phone plan without the garbage contract that you immediately hate after leaving the phone store? Of course you do. Some of us want a burner phone while we’re watching football at home so we can turn off the daily phone (wife or girlfriend can leave a voicemail) and use the burner to make football bets. If you don’t have a burner phone these days, you’re not doing it right.

Mark recommends: Straight Talk Phones & Plans – BUY NOW!

• It wouldn’t be a tailgate at home without a case of chips to pound while you watch the 1 p.m. ET kickoffs, then the 4:30 kickoffs and end the day with Sunday Night Football. You need chips, but you don’t want to feel guilty about eating the normal garbage chips because you’ve started seeing a doctor and it’s time to act like an adult. Get yourself some chips that won’t leave you feeling like a loser on the couch with a chip bowl resting on your gut.

Mark recommends: Boulder chips – BUY NOW!

• Been to a Lowes or Home Depot lately and looked at the fridges? Holy technology! They now make these fridges where you tap the screen and you can see inside to figure out how many beers you’ll need for a Sunday football marathon. Yep, and the fridges are now equipped with Amazon Alexa. Your boys are going to be impressed that you had the funds to go out and get one of the best refrigerators known to man. Mark knows a great fridge when he sees one because he’s one of us guys who isn’t on some ridiculous diet. He eats like a man and lives like a regular man.

Mark recommends: LG Instaview fridge – BUY NOW!


Not sold on homegating? Need to get out with your friends for a blowout tailgate? Get these items and take things up a notch this year:

• Nobody will be more patriotic at beer pong than you will be when you open up this bad boy. You’ll have people saluting and slamming beers.

BC recommends: 8 foot USA Beer Pong Table – BUY NOW!

• Want to take your tailgating games up a notch? Time to jump on this Bucketball set. Nothing gets the ladies to stop and play like shooting giant volleyballs into trash cans.

BC recommends: Giant Beer Pong Bucketball – BUY NOW!

• You need novelties and I’ve started to see these at tailgates to change up the normal shotgunning that you’ve been doing for years. The ladies will love these because the koozie does the punching and all she has to do is open wide and chug. The koozies are cheap and ready to provide hours of shotgunning fun. Pick up a few of them.

BC recommends: Hit It N Quit It Koozies – BUY NOW!

• Your goal is to throw the biggest and best tailgate in the lot. That means you need novelty items that create a scene. That’s where the Bierstick comes into play. Get up on a truck, bust out the Bierstick & start injecting beer into your veins. You’ll have ladies wanting to test it out and it’ll play great on IG for your social content.

BC recommends: Bierstick – BUY NOW!

• How are you going to get booze to the tailgate without your wife knowing about it? You’re going to hide it so she doesn’t know how hammered you’re about to get with the boys. Of course you won’t take these sunscreen bottles into the stadium. That would be illegal and stuff.

BC recommends: Hidden Flask Sunscreen Set – BUY NOW!

• I was at a tailgate last fall and a guy showed up with a system like this that was PLENTY loud enough to power a rager. You don’t want to drag a bunch of equipment with you to the tailgate. You’ll be taking guys home and they’ll be puking on your equipment. Get this ION Tailgater Bluetooth Portable Speaker System (your wife isn’t going to kick your ass for spending a bunch of money) and you’ll be all set. Throw your phone on the speaker, turn on Yacht Rock Pandora and watch heads turn. Finish up the tailgate, throw the thing in the trunk and cleanup is finished. 

BC recommends: ION Tailgater Bluetooth Portable Speaker System – BUY NOW!

• I’ve had my eyes on one of these TV carts for awhile now. It never fails that you go to a tailgate and put a TV on a table and some drunk knocks it off and your prized LED is ruined. Or…you put the LED on a table and everyone is standing around and nobody can see the TV. This Vivo TV cart raises to 5 feet. Your boys will be able to see it. Take off the TV, throw the stand in your trunk and you’re heading home.

BC recommends: VIVO Black TV Cart for LCD LED Plasma Flat Panel Stand – BUY NOW! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

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