Rachel Bush Hints There Could Be An End To Cold War With Husband Jordan Poyer

It’s the story of the summer for #BillsMafia — the QB situation is a close second because it’s a complete mess since it looks like Josh Allen will need serious seasoning — how Rachel Bush and husband Jordan Poyer appeared to have taken a timeout before the preseason after shiitt hit the fan in their relationship. There have been social media rockets lobbed by Rachel towards JP and JP has done his best to figure out a solution to the Cold War.
Over the weekend it appeared, via tweet, that Rachel could see an end to this Cold War and a return to her stature as Ms. #BillsMafia, especially now that the Bills have shipped Katherine Webb-McCarron out of town to the Raiders.

It was quite an offseason for these two. They got married, did the whole first year married stuff, spent the summer down in Miami, went on some boat in July, I think it was, with a bunch of NFL guys and then it wasn’t too long after the Cold War developed. Jordan went off to training camp, the GOAT spent a bunch of time in upstate New York and now has gone MF HAM on IG with a series of new pics that have guys making marriage proposals if this whole Poyer thing dissolves into divorce.
I have a feeling this will all be sorted out and the GOAT will be in Buffalo for the home opener Week 2 against the Chargers.

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Wet T-shirt contest anyone? 😉

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