VIDEO: LA Galaxy Fans Fight Each Other At StubHub Center

via @_ericlmr/Twitter
If there are any Angelenos out there who think a soccer match would be a peaceful alternative to a Rams game at the Coliseum or a Chargers game at StubHub Center, think again. There’s violence everywhere. Case in point: Last Friday’s rivalry game between the Los Angeles Galaxy and Los Angeles FC (at StubHub) featured a group of Galaxy fans taking over a section to get it on.

No idea what started it all, but it’s always safe to assume booze and unnecessary fighting words were in play here.

Judging from the tweets people sent out that night, Galaxy fans were on a mission to instigate… even in the restrooms:
Also starting shit during this game? LA FC fans. The guy who shot the fight video says their fans were also fighting each other in another section.

As per usual, the lesson here is every team has degenerate fans and if you want to avoid them the answer is to just watch the game from your living room.

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