Raiders & Rams Fans Had A Fight Saturday Night

Of course there was a fan fight Saturday at the Coliseum when Raiders fans invaded their old stomping grounds primed to stop some heads. By now you know that the Coliseum is a Thunderdome for NFL fans. Some enter, some never leave or leave in handcuffs. We’ve posted dozens of videos of people brawling in that place.

It’s almost criminal to expect a family to take a kid into that place for a game. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, if you’re going to take a kid to NFL games, you better be sitting in the club level and I’m talking sitting with a bunch of suits who are there to talk business. And you should have direct access to a private elevator that leads to a private parking garage.

That said, I was expecting more fight videos out of the Coliseum from Saturday night. It seemed to be fairly calm. I guess everyone is growing up out there.

Raiders fan in his natural element: