New Chiefs Tailgate Policy Requires Fans To Enter Stadium After Kickoff

Are you a diehard Kansas City Chiefs fan who enjoys spending your Sundays (or Thursdays, or Mondays) tailgating at the Arrowhead Stadium parking lot? If so, you better have a ticket to get into the stadium or Chiefs police is going to kick your ass out.
The Chiefs are reportedly implementing this new policy (at the recommendation of the NFL) in order to keep fans safe. The details from Fox4 KC:

Starting this season, security will go through the parking lot after the game begins and force fans to either go inside the stadium – or go home. Chiefs president Mark Donovan says it’s all about keeping fans safe on game day.
“From a safety and security standpoint, we don’t want someone out there all day who’s not going to the game,” Donovan said. “If you’re out there taking up a spot, if you’re out there taking in traffic and you’re not going to the game, that’s impacting a person who is going to the game.”
Every year, the NFL makes suggestions to teams on ways to improve the fan experience, and these tailgating changes are a part of that.
“They’re really looking at it from a safety and security standpoint,” Donovan said. “We looked at that and said, we don’t necessarily agree in KC, that’s what we should do. We know our fans pretty well. We know the importance of tailgating. However, there are some real strong points in the safety and security standpoint.”

Considering that we make a living off ridiculous tailgate fan videos, like the one below featuring a crazy MFer elbow dropping a flaming table, this news is very disappointing. What are fans supposed to do? Only drunkenly fight inside the stadium? That’s no fun.

Good luck to the authorities who will be in charge of kicking out the hundreds of ticketless Chiefs fans just trying to watch a game (and possibly destroy tables) in the parking lot.

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