Purdue Has Train Tracks On Its Sidelines & End Zones

New year, new grass paint job at Purdue’s Ross-Ade Stadium and that’s not the only thing new about a stadium that was in need of being modernized. Opposing teams will now get air conditioning in their locker room. That’s right, Purdue will not try to choke out Northwestern this Thursday via a lack of air conditioning. You might remember Jim Harbaugh calling out Purdue last year over lack of air conditioning and for its distance to medical facilities.
Athletic director Mike Bobinski was asked about the upgrades at Big Ten Media Days:

“We checked off all the things we felt were weaknesses,” Bobinski said. “The last piece was the air conditioning.”

The good news: Thursday’s weather should be perfect for the opener.

As for these railroad tracks, I hope that white line separating the black from the green is dark enough for the review booth. Looking a little faint. Just wouldn’t want a game to come down to lack of white paint after all this other money that Purdue went out and spent.
By the way, want a luxury box for Purdue games? That will run you $48,000 for the season, but it includes 18 tickets per game. Food and alcohol will cost you extra.

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