Broncos Kid & His Buddy Appreciating A Dime At The Redskins Game
@WynHere kinda lectured me this afternoon because I hadn’t RT’d him from last night when he sent me this one of Broncos kid and his buddy appreciating a dime at last night’s preseason game. I have to admit I was sleeping at 11:46 when it came in and then this morning I never saw it because it was buried under a bunch of other stuff. Kinda mad I didn’t see it until this afternoon because this is the epitome of what Busted Coverage was founded on — guys being guys.
It’s great to see a couple guys go to a game and appreciate the finer things in life. Just a couple of guys being guys.
This takes me back to the old days when I first started BC. We could post hot chicks at games 10 times and never hear “CLICKBAIT, YOU GUYS ARE SCUM!”
Look, just as in 2008, it’s not wrong to appreciate a woman who clearly works out and doesn’t eat garbage. She’s probably on a plant-based diet and does yoga. There’s nothing at all wrong about these kids appreciating an older woman at a football game.

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VIDEO: Tyrod Taylor Suffers Left Hand Injury Vs. Eagles
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