Broncos & Eagles Hold Hair Hazing Day For Rookies

A training camp tradition unlike any other…the Broncos busting out the shears and cutting rookie hair. Remember 2010 when Tim Tebow got the Friar Tuck look? Of course you do. You couldn’t miss Tebow coverage that summer. I’m not even sure there are guys on this team left from the 2010 season, but here they are still handing out haircuts and putting it on social media.
I’m actually surprised there hasn’t been a snowflake uprising over the training camp hazing haircuts. You’d think by 2018 the snowflakes would’ve gotten their hands on this as some sort of psychological warfare and not compatible to life in 2018.
It was also rookie haircut day in Philly where the Super Bowl champions had some fun with the young guys. Good to see people having some fun around the NFL. Been too long. Just look at Josey Jewell’s antennas. Looks like he’s ready to hit up a Slipknot show.

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49ers TE George Kittle Engaged To Girlfriend Claire Till
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