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It’s the story of the weekend: Broncos kid & his buddy appreciating a hot woman at Friday night’s game against the Redskins. The BC tip hotline started ringing tonight with word that the IG model the boys were ogling was Bella Zazzero, whose IG says she lives in the DMV. The BC tipsters are usually on top of things and it helps that Bella sent out an IG Story update saying, “Why’d they have to turn me into a meme?”
Bella, who checks in with 14k IG followers before this post goes live and ends up being rewritten on 200 blogs, lists her occupation as cocktail waitress at Decades, some big time club in D.C. The place looks like it’s 21+ so the Broncos kids might have a hard time sneaking into that place to say hey to Bella.
The logical call here is for Bella to accompany the kids to their 8th grade dance or whatever grade they’re in. Just give the kids a couple hours of attention, maybe take some pics to light up their IGs. That’s how it works these days.

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