Jags Fan Elma Challenges You To Guess How Many Jags Slide Into Her DMs











I think we have a Jags fan to keep an eye on this fall and her name is Elma Medic. I have no idea if that is her real name, but we’re going to go with it. Elma Medic. Anyway, she threw out a challenge tonight on IG to her followers: “whoever can guess the right number of Jags players to slide in my DMs gets a cookie,” she wrote.
Um, that seems to indicate that Jags players are sliding into those DMs and frankly, I can’t blame those guys one bit. Think about this for a minute: single guys (maybe a couple married guys in there, who knows) , been getting their brains scrambled for weeks on weeks, have a little training camp money to throw around and all of a sudden Elma shows up to a preseason game rocking that top. That’s like a chocolate cake staring at a fat guy. He’s going to eat.
I’m going to go with a nice round number of 6. Six Jags have slid into Elma’s DMs is my guess.
And if she keeps posting shots like this the numbers are going to go through the roof. Blake Bortles will be all over that. You throw meat in front of that guy and he’s going to slay it, especially coming off that playoff run. He’s feeling it.



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