Here's Old-Man Tim Duncan Looking Fresh AF

“Traumatic” seems like a good word to describe what fans of the San Antonio Spurs went through this offseason. Their voiceless superstar Kawhi Leonard forced his way out of town after playing just nine games last season, and longtime point guard Tony Parker chased a bag of money over to the Charlotte Hornets. Oh, and Manu Ginobili finally might retire. The old guard is finally phasing out down in the land of big ol’ women.
But hey, it’s not all bad. Those championship banners are still hanging, and old favorite Tim Duncan apparently still hangs around the facility. Thanks to singer Austin Mahone, we’ve got a photo of The Big Fundamental sporting a fresh fade and looking like he’s down for a bench role for a season, or two:

We’re not joking about that either. Timmy actually hooped in the 2018 All Virgin Island Hoop Classic earlier this month and was dunking on dudes:

Perhaps Ice Cube should move on from begging Kobe to play in his league and ask Timmy. Him schooling scrubs like Kwame Brown, Big Baby, and Ryan Hollins would be must-watch TV.

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