Nicklas Backstrom’s Mom Sucks From The Cup

I started to lose track of all the things going on with the Stanley Cup as it makes its way around the world to visit with members of the Washington Capitals who get to do a bunch of crazy stuff with the coolest trophy in sports. It turns out that even the parents out there have gotten in on the craziness, including Nicklas Backstrom’s mom,ย Catrin, sucking right out of the Cup during a visit last week toย Gรคvle, Sweden.

This is the kind of action you want to see out of (1.) Instagram, and (2.) mothers of Stanley Cup champions. Face just buried right in the Cup enjoying a cold one after all those years of supporting your son in his journey to winning that Cup. 11 years. Her son had been at it all these years after starting with the Capitals at 20. He finally brought it home to Sweden for mom to dive into.

โ€œGrandma in the Stanley Cupย ๐Ÿ†๐Ÿ˜,โ€ Mrs. Backstrom wrote on IG.

Yes, she is. The family will treasure that photo forever.

[via Russian Machine Never Breaks]