The USC Song Girls Released A Hype Video

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Well, it looks like the USC Song Girls are going to be a different unit in 2018. I saw this Song Girls hype video cross my IG feed this morning and instantly knew this wasn’t the same unit that got extremely boring from like 2013-2017. I can’t seem to remember a hype video out of the ladies and I consider myself a Song Girls content expert. When I first started BC the Song Girls had the sports world by the balls. They were out of control fun doing things like cheering for the wrong team, sucking down a Dong Bong (the BC lifers will remember that one) and Lindsey Grubbs, who went on to play the hot chick in C-list movies.
Then there was a long period where it felt like the unit was just going through the motions. The Dong Bong days were long gone and we were left with just a bunch of basic Song Girls who never left a mark on the Internet. Dare I say that the Song Girls management team even started picking USC ladies that weren’t SEC worthy. That’s how bad things got.
Flash-forward to just this month. We get a hype video, the annual trip to Tahoe, the ladies clearly trying to break into a locker room and an overall buzz that they’re ready for the season to get rolling. The season starts at home against UNLV and then two weeks later it’s USC-Texas in primetime on Fox. That just might be the rebirth of the Song Girls right there in Austin.
I’ll make L.A. James stay home and cover that one and let you know.

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