Report: Mavericks Order Less Revealing Uniforms For Dancers, Kill Swimsuit Calendar

Looks like the San Antonio Spurs aren’t the only NBA team in Texas cleaning up their in-game entertainment this offseason.

According to the Dallas Morning News, the Mavericks Dancers will be showing less skin going forward as CEO Cynthia Marshall has ordered “less revealing uniforms” for the squad. Dance routines will also be less sexualized with the team implementing a “100-day plan” to address problems within the organization.
From Dallas News:

Marshall said the Mavs dancers’ new look is part of the 100-day plan aimed at cleaning up problems. “We love our dancers, but we are re-evaluating every aspect of this organization to make sure they are living up to the values we are instilling in the entire Mavericks operation,” she said this week.
That means changes in both what the dance squad wears in the arena and in the hundreds of events the women participate in throughout North Texas. Skimpy crop tops and mini shorts will be replaced by comfortable athletic wear. Gone will be the “shake your booty” dances; Marshall wants to see professional-grade hip-hop and lyrical movements.
“Everyone should feel comfortable — both the performers and everyone in the arena,” Marshall said. “If someone brings a 10-year-old to the game, I don’t want them having to cover the kid’s eyes during performances.”

As for the swimsuit calendar, which is apparently super popular, the report says it is “dead for now.”

Now let’s be real for a minute. Parents across the country are not shielding their kids’ precious, innocent eyeballs from allegedly scandalous dance routines at NBA games. And does hip hop dancing not involve some form of booty shaking? Whatever the case, good for the Mavs, I guess. They were exposed for having a toxic workplace environment (sexual harassment, “predatory sexual behavior,” etc.) by Sports Illustrated back in February, so they obviously do need to improve their organizational culture.
Sidenote: The NBA still hasn’t punished the Mavs, but their final report is supposed to drop soon.

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