The Detroit Lions Make It Cheaper To Get Drunk & Barf Up Hot Dogs At Ford Field

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You think the anthem has NFL teams shook? I’ll tell you what has the NFL shook…it’s you sitting on your asss in front of a television on Sundays and f-ing around on your phone instead of sucking down way overpriced beers, overpriced hot dogs and looking at the advertisement spread around the stadium that make the NFL teams a whole bunch of money.

The Detroit Lions, who have fans partying at Elwood’s right outside Ford Field and all over the parking lots around the Eastern Market, have taken action and think new beer and hot dog prices will bring you into the stadium earlier which will lead to more purchases for still overpriced beer and hot dogs.

The team announced this week that they will offer a Power Hour where beers will be $3 and hot dogs will be $2 for the first 60 minutes after Ford Field doors open. Those will be served at “select locations.”

For one hour after gates open (DTE Energy Power Hour), fans will enjoy concession specials such as $2 sodas, $2 hot dogs, $3 packaged beers, $3 well drinks, and $5 specialty cocktails. Power Hour locations will now also include Social at Gate D and the Corner Bar & Grille along with Bud Light Party Zone and BLITZ. The average savings for food and beverage specials during Power Hour is more than 60%.

That brings us to the next stage of the day…after Power Hour ends. The Lions are promoting a $5 beer for the rest of the day. Of course that gets headlines at that price.

The new Silver Savings menu will also feature two new value meal combos: A hot dog, chips, and soda for $10 (savings of $5.50) or a hot dog, chips, and beer for $12 (savings of $2.25). Both will be available in stadium at all Streats of Detroitlocations, Snack Zone_ on the Henry Ford Health System Concourse, the Gridiron North Club and South Club Café.

via Detroit Lions

Think I’m crazy about this “stay at home in luxury” theme that NFL teams are battling. Well, let’s go back to 2017 when the Ravens started looking into what they could do to change the trend.

“Watching from the comfort of home is what we battle,” said Baker Koppelman, Ravens vice president for ticket sales and operations. “Having a fan-friendly, dynamic and exciting environment at our home games is something we work at, tweak and talk about constantly. It is a relentless pursuit and we are in it together.”

You guys have gone out and bought so many TVs, kegerators, controlled temperatures that the NFL is now trying to lure you back with the chance to save money getting drunk and puking hot dogs. My advice in all of this remains: don’t go crazy buying super expensive tickets three months before a game. There’s always some guy who wants to get drunk and puke up an entire pack of hot dogs he bought at Costco before kickoff. He’s always selling his tickets.

via Detroit Lions