I Survived The 6th Annual Au Sable Endurance Challenge Sponsored By Captain Morgan


Three years ago I started going on a canoe trip to Mio, Michigan with some friends not knowing what I was getting into. Didn’t know where I was sleeping. Didn’t know half the people on the trip. Just got in the car and went. Now I’m hooked. Give me the date, I’m clearing my schedule. No family trips. Won’t attend a wedding over the canoe trip. At this point I’m fully committed to the 22 mile expedition down a river that runs a total of about 138 miles across the Lower Peninsula of Michigan from the Grayling area to Lake Huron.
This year Captain Morgan jumped in as trip sponsor and sent some incredible fanny packs, hats and of course some Smash to drink responsibly along the way. When I announced to the women that Captain sent fanny packs you would’ve thought I was able to secure Louis Vuitton bags for the trip. They went nuts. Team Captain always knows just the right things to send to get a canoe trip fired up.
There’s still plenty of summer left to grab some Watermelon Smash, a canoe and get out there instead of sitting around wasting away looking at social media on your couch. Trust me, I hope once summer is over that you waste your time looking at content, but right now you deserve to treat yourself to a great time with friends.
Trust me, you’ll love it.

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