Report: Scumbags Steal $98K Worth Of Ramen Noodles In Georgia

Ramen noodles are one of the cheapest things you can buy at a grocery store, but that apparently didn’t stop someone from stealing a lifetime supply from a trailer in Georgia.

The details from Fox 5 Atlanta:

Nearly $100,000 worth of Ramen Noodles was sitting in a large trailer parked at a Chevron store on Georgia Highway 85 north.

Deputies said the 53-foot trailer carrying the noodle freight was stolen between July 25 and August 1.

The sheriff said the trailer was secured at the time.

There are undoubtedly people out there wondering why anyone would steal a bunch of ramen noodles — to those people I ask, “Why the hell not?” The school year is starting up and those unhealthy sodium bombs are just what some students need to survive. In fact, that’s where police should sniff around if they actually want to find these things.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports the value in noodles stolen is actually $98,000, not $100,000. Also, the brand of ramen noodles weren’t specified.