Buy This Indianapolis Colts Tailgate Truck — $6,800

via Craigslist
Are you a Colts fan feeling a little optimistic about the season with Andrew Luck back in the fold? If so, you may want to consider investing in this Colts party truck, which is on the market because its current party no longer has the time party their asses off at Lucas Oil Stadium. A familiar tale, but an opportunity nonetheless to land this old flower truck.
It’s worth noting the truck has some Twitter fame after the Indianapolis Star’s Gregg Doyel spotted it near his home. Now that it’s on Craigslist, we can at least confirm it wasn’t Bill Belichick’s surveillance truck.
From the ad:

We have converted a flower delivery truck to the ultimate colts tailgate truck. Bench seating and storage, bathroom, tv, speakers, generator, grill, flags are all part of the package. We recently replaced the exhaust and fuel injector; newer tires and battery as well. Less than 1000 mi per yr put on the last 6 yrs. We invested in this truck 6 yrs ago but just don’t have the time like we used to and are ready for another group to enjoy it like we have as season ticket holders. Email Kyle for questions

The Colts have missed the playoffs the last three seasons and face significant competition in a loaded AFC South. Should be a fun season!
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