Kyle Schwarber Batting Practice Bomb Broke Some Glass At Wrigley

You know what’s going to get Joe Buck all horned up tonight — besides his wife getting up to take care of the twins while he gets a good night of sleep? When he hears that Kyle Schwarber took out some glass with a batting practice bomb before today’s game against the Brewers which turned into a 7-0 blowout.
The batting practice prowess didn’t translate into a big day at the plate. Schwarbs was 0-for-3 with 2 strikeouts and a batting average hovering at .243. But this is the Internet and we all know how this will play out. These pics of broken glass in the Budweiser Patio food area will start spreading on social and then make it to Get Up tomorrow morning because that show will eventually turn into a version of SportsNation where they just keep an eye on whatever social media stuff is getting traction and then some producer will give the hosts two lines of copy. Boom, you have a show.

Something for Joe Buck to watch on repeat tonight when he goes to bed & Michelle is up feeding the twins:

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