Antonio Brown Blows Up Steelers Beat Writer For "Making **** Up"
Pittsburgh Steelers beat writer Ed Bouchette had a relatively quiet Monday on Twitter. He tweeted out a Big Ben training camp article, and also sent out some status updates on star receiver Antonio Brown.

So what we have here is a respected journalist (2014 Dick McCann Award winner) doing his job. He observed a limp but later relayed that it was no big thing. This shouldn’t be blog worthy, but AB saw Bouchette’s first tweet and resorted to calling him a “clown” like the classy guy he is:

If AB is going to go off on reporters for this alleged fake limp, Adam Schefter should expect an angry tweet sometime tonight for reporting the same damn thing:

What did we ultimately learn from this? Nothing, really, other than AB remains quite sensitive with the media, which is interesting for someone who definitely classifies as an attention whore.

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